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A homely city or romantic fishermen"s village, Middle Age architecture or a magical coastal landscape, paintings, theatre and large ships, Rostock has something on offer for everyone. In the summer the city with its own seaside resort changes to a seaside resort with its own city and they are both very popular. Every summer the Baltic Sea and the seaside resort of Warnemünde are an attractive location for hundreds of thousands. Sunbathers and keen swimmers enjoy the cool water and the wide sandy beach. Yet the seaside is not only there for swimming. Small guests can do something nearly every day in their summer holidays. Warnemünde, a town unique to the German Baltic coastline has lots of things to see and do: a lighthouse open to tourists, moles and giant ships that sail past all day long. Imposing cruise liners are one of the summer attractions. The Alter Strom is a beautiful place to walk around and gorge yourself in. Old fishermen"s houses have now been turned into shops, cafés and restaurants. The fish market on the opposite bank of the Alter Strom has also developed itself into a gastronomic mile. However, Warnemünde is not only a tip for summer. You can walk or cycle nearly all year round and if you"re looking for wellness then you are best to come to Rostock"s seaside resort in autumn and winter.

Dr. Chris von Wrycz Rekowski, 1st deputy lord mayor and Senate Finances and Administration and Public Order
Dr. Chris von Wrycz Rekowski, 1st deputy lord mayor and Senate Finances and Administration and Public Order | Foto: Kristina Becker - Photovisionen

Senate Finances, Administration and Public Order
Chris von Wrycz Rekowski
Hinter dem Rathaus 5
18055 Rostock

Phone: +49 381 381-2001
Telefax: +49 381 381-2600
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Senator Steffen Bockhahn, Jugend, Soziales, Gesundheit und Schule
Steffen Bockhahn, Senator für Jugend, Soziales, Gesundheit und Schule, 2. Stellvertreter des Oberbürgermeisters | Foto: Joachim Kloock

Senate for Youth, Social Affairs, Health, Schools and Sports
Steffen Bockhahn
St.-Georg-Straße 109
D-18055 Rostock

Phone: +49 381 381-1453
Telefax: +49 381 381-1905
email: Contact us

Holger Matthäus, Senator für Bau und Umwelt Senate Building and Environment
Holger Matthäus
Holbeinplatz 14
D-18069 Rostock

Phone: +49 381 381-6000
Telefax: +49 381 381-6003
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