Employment and economy

Rostock BusinessRostock Business

Rostock Business, the city’s business and technology development company, helps businesses establish themselves, expand and perform their economic activities. In doing so, and in its capacity as a full-service provider for businesses and investors, it focuses on finding suitable solutions in every situation. In addition to professional consulting, Rostock Business also acts as a competent contact for businesses, helps with integration into business networks, and initiates research projects. It moderates local economic activities, and provides ideas and inspiration for economic and technological developments, which in turn enhances Rostock’s reputation and creates/secures jobs.

The Rostock regiopolitan region...

… is the collective living environment and suburbs of the city of Rostock (the regiopolis) and the surrounding (regiopolitan) region. Regiopolises are large cities with populations of more than 100,000, which have a far-reaching impact as prominent centres for finance, education and culture

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