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The Volkstheater Rostock (People's Theatre) 

Passionate, moving, surprising, amusing, contemplative, entertaining… the Volkstheater Rostock’s programme is all of these things. The complex’s main venue is the theatre building on Doberaner Strasse, which, in addition to its showpiece known as the Grosses Haus (Big House), is also home to the Ateliertheater and the Ballettsaal (ballet hall). The Kleine Komödie Warnemünde, as a very small branch venue in the seaside resort town, offers a particularly intimate atmosphere and setting for cabaret and chanson nights.

Every May, the Volkstheater closes the doors of its main venue and heads to the historic shipbuilding hall 207 at the former Neptunwerft dock for the ‘Volkstheater summer’. It’s the perfect place for audiences to enjoy elaborate summertime spectacles. In winter, meanwhile, the traditional Christmas fairytale on the big stage is a permanent fixture on all Rostockers’ calendars. As a classic city theatre offering drama, musicals, dance and concerts, the venue considers it its duty to cater to all of the city’s citizens – with a broad repertoire ranging from entertainment to experimentation. All four disciplines produce sophisticated and enjoyable performances for adults, as well as projects for children and adolescents, including workshops and play clubs promoting interaction, learning and experimenting.