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Hanse Sail Rostock

Hanse Sail Rostock is the world’s largest annual gathering of traditional sailors and museum ships, captivating some one million visitors. 200 participating ships are joined by cruise liners, ferries and naval vessels, adding their own touch to Rostock’s and Warnemünde’s unique vibe.

And you too can be a sailor! Cruises allow you to experience traditional seafaring up close and personally, with many vintage vessels running day and night services. You can watch the port up to four times a day from the quayside at the Stadthafen (city harbour) or in Warnemünde. Cruises can also be booked during Hanse Sail or from Rostock to other Baltic or North Sea ports.

On land, meanwhile, you can enjoy a varied entertainment programme at themed markets, a number of interactive zones, and several stages. The fireworks on the Saturday night are the final highlight.