Rijeka - Croatia

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Rijeka is a Mediterranean city, a modern, urban settlement with excellent drinking water, clean beaches and pure sea water.

 View of Rijeka from Trsat
View of Rijeka from Trsat | photo: City of Rijeka

If you want to meet someone or take a coffee and relax, you may visit the Korzo, the main promenade in the historic city centre and stop at one of the numerous coffee-shops and terraces.

The main cathedral of Rijeka, St. Vitus, is named after the city patron and it is located in the Old Town. It is a Baroque rotunda of monumental proportions, built by the Jesuits. As Rijeka used to be a strong industrial centre, the city is rich in industrial heritage, such as the torpedo launch station, part of the Whitehead-Shipyard where the world‘s first torpedo was designed and produced back in 1860.