Raleigh - USA

Partnership with Rostock since 2001

Raleigh got its name from the English seaman Sir Walter Raleigh. Local people call their town the city of oaks. Within Raleigh borders, you can find a series of fields adjacent to a wastewater plant. There grow more than 50 acres of sunflowers. They are harvested and pressed. The oil is turned into biodiesel for the plant, the rest is taken for sludge application and fertilizer.

Visiting Raleigh, enjoy the City Garden.

Just north of downtown, the gardens are an opportunity for residents to get their hands “dirty” in an urban setting.

In Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts you can find different big theaters and a concert hall.

Raleigh‘s industrial base includes banking/financial services, electrical, medical, electronic and telecommunications equipment, clothing and apparel, food processing, paper products, and pharmaceuticals.