International Associations

International City Network for Crisis Management

The City of Rostock has been a member of the International City Network for Crisis Management since 2016. Its participation is represented by Rostock Fire Department. The city network currently includes 22 cities: Vienna, Tallinn, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Moscow, Prague, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Nis, Budapest, Krakow, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Paris, Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki, Hamburg, Bordeaux, Rostock and Odessa.
One of the highlights of the activities in the network is the International Crisis Conference "Security in Cities in the 21st Century", which takes place annually at different locations. The annual conferences focus on topics which concern security aspects and at the same time have cross-organizational relevance. During the event the cities present their experiences and concerns on a concrete topic. The priority topics of the conferences have included security at major events, "blackout scenario", possibility of warning the population in crisis situations and maritime security.

In 2021 Rostock hosted the annual conference. Representatives from the City of Rostock and seven other member cities exchanged their tactics and problem-solution methods on the subject of Covid-19 pandemic. For those members who were unable to attend the event, the video-greeting has been created. (Link für das Video).

Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC)

Rostock co-founded this network of cities in the Baltic Sea Region in 1991 in Gdansk (Poland). Today UBC has about 100 member cities The cities work together in different thematic commissions and working groups.

Logo "Union der Ostseestädte (UBC)"

International Association of Peace Messenger Cities (IAPMC)

The International Association of Peace Messenger Cities was established in 1986 with the support of the United Nations to recognize and encourage the role and responsibility cities have in creating a culture of peace.

Logo, Internationale Vereinigung Städte als Friedensbotschafter (IAPMC)

Memory Cities

The network „Memory Cities“ is an unofficial association founded on the initiative of Rostock’s twin city Dunkirk in 2016. The Network gathers cities which were largely destroyed during the 1st or the 2nd World War.

Logo "Städte der Erinnerung"