Twin Cities


Partnership with Rostock since 1964

Having been rewarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus had a spectacular opening ceremony. Six Viking ships were carried through the City
ARoS, Kunstmuseum der Stadt


Partnership with Rostock since 1963

Antwerp and Rostock are located at the sea and are associated with maritime economy, ports and shipping companies. 
Altstadt Antwerpen


Partnership with Rostock since 1965

Buekorps is a Bergen tradition, originating from an old „police force“ or brigades of citizens. Buekops are groups of children (mainly boys), who practice marching
Stadthafen Bergen während des Hansetages 2016


Partnership with Rostock since 1987

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is also a federal state. Among the sights to see there is the beautiful City Hall, the seat of the President of the Senate and of the Mayor. It is one of the most important examples of brick gothic architecture in Europe.
Ausschnitt Bremer Stadtmusikanten


Partnership with Rostock since 1988

In Dalian you can visit the Laohutan Ocean Park, which contains the Polar Region Marine Animals World, the Coral Aquarium, and the World of Birds.
Blick über das Meer


Partnership with Rostock since 1960

The name of Dunkirk derives from West Flemish „dun(e)“ (dune or dun) and „kerke“ (church), meaning „church in the dunes“. Until the middle of the 20th century the district was French Flemish.
Dünkirchen bei Nacht


Partnership with Rostock since 1965

Gothenburg is characterized by its rich surrounding nature. Thus, enjoying the most beautiful parks in Scandinavia or trying out canoeing on one of more than 50 lakes
Göteborg, Blick über den Hafen

Guldborgsund Municipality

Partnership with Rostock since 2014

Every year around 50.000 guests come to Guldborgsund to experience the authentic Medieval Centre which features medieval houses and daily life
Farø Brücke, die Zealand und Falster verbindet


Partnership with Rostock since 2001

Raleigh got its name from the English seaman Sir Walter Raleigh. Local people call their town the city of Oaks. Within Raleigh borders, you can find a series of fields adjacent to a wastewater plant.
Streetart entlang der Fayetteville Street


Partnership with Rostock since 1961

Riga is an old Hanseatic city famous for its Art Nouveau buildings, as well as for its well-preserved Old Town. In 2016 the Community of the Protestant Churches in Europe awarded Riga the tile of “Reformation Town of Europe”.
Riga nächtliches panoroma


Partnership with Rostock since 1966

Rijeka is a Mediterranean city, a modern, urban settlement with excellent drinking water, clean beaches and pure sea water.

 Blick auf Rijeka von Trsat


Partnership with Rostock since 1957

Rostock and Szczecin have the longest twinning history between German and Polish cities, dating back to 1957. When visiting, enjoy one of the concerts at the modern Philharmonic Hall or explore the castle

Gebäude der Stadtverwaltung Szczecin (Urząd Miasta)


Partnership with Rostock since 1959

Turku intends to be carbon neutral by 2040. Even ice hockey is played ecologically in Turku, by utilizing the energy created by the cooling systems to heat the premises. When visiting, take a look at the Harmonia,

Turku aus der Luft


Partnership with Rostock since 1966

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria, with an area of 205 sq. km. Its Situation on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its richness in natural resources make it one of the famous resorts Europe wide, definitely the largest one in the Black Sea region.

Varna Archäoligisches Museum