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Education and science

With the desire for a university, Rostock placed its stakes on a single card. It was to be the first in the Baltic region, and also the first and long wished for in the so-called Wendische Quartier of the Hanse. The town grew in pace with its university, and the university in pace with the town. Until the end of the Middle ages, "alma mater rostochiensis" played an important role in spreading West European culture in the Baltic region. Rostock university with its more than 13.000 students, numberous institutes and hospitals plays an important role for science, innovation and technology.


University of Rostock

Congresses & seminars

Conferences with the Baltic Sea in view

Looking for a special setting for a congress or conference? Rostock offers a wealth of outstanding modern conference facilities to provide a stylish setting for large conferences and balls as well as more select groups. It´s not just the state-of-the-art conference equipment; there´s a view of the historic city centre or a fabulous view of the sea as a free extra. With its location right next to Rostock Port entrance, it´s never dull in the spacious conference and congress centre of the Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne. The unusual panorama offers constant surprises in the form of impressive ferries, racy yachts and widely travelled cruise liners.

The giant among the venues is the Rostock Stadthalle. It made a name for itself in the past with major national and international congresses and conferences and is now more still more attractive inside and out. Not far from Rostock main station, the conference and event centre has enhanced its conference room equipment and gastronomic facilities. As Mecklenburg-Vorpommern´s exhibition centre, HanseMesse Rostock, in the IGA Park, with its modern ambience, also offers an ideal location for a range of occasions. The ensemble of glass, wood and metal comprises a large exhibition hall, extensive open-air exhibition areas and a conference rotunda.

However, Rostock also offers quite unusual alternatives for conferences or seminars: in the theatre or cinema, in medieval vaults or at sea. Why not leave the everyday setting behind for once and charter a big ship? Relocate your debates onto the ferries "Kronprins Frederik" and "Prins Joachim" and travel in easy style from Rostock to Gedser. Not only are your meetings completely undisturbed, there is also multifunctional conference equipment available on board, plus the appropriate gastronomic coverage and a wide range of leisure facilities.

As the icing on the cake for congresses and conferences there´s the attractive support programme: getting to know the city centre of an important Hanseatic town and its histories, enjoying Warnemünde with the sea and a wealth of maritime features, experiencing a sea trip on comfortable passenger boats " Or, after successful discussions, you can have a race set up on the fastest sailing boats in the world or build sandcastles on the beach.


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