Comprehensive catalogue of measures for protection against COVID-19

Pressemitteilung vom 13.03.2020 - Rathaus

School and daycare closures

During its meeting today, the administrative staff of Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock took extensive decisions to delay the spread of the corona or COVID-19 virus.

"All of us together face the huge task of protecting ourselves as best we can from the effects of this new disease," said Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen. "This is not just about ourselves, but above all about protecting people who do not have sufficient immune defences due to their age, a previous illness or other circumstances. Our urban society must now move together in solidarity and take care of those who urgently need help.

We have a first-class medical care system in Germany and also in Rostock. However, if it is to be able to cope with such a huge wave of illness, it is imperative that we stop this wave from reaching its peak.

With today's decisions, we will intervene hard in everyday life. We are painfully aware of this. We will have to reassess the situation every day and put our decisions to the test. Because there are no simple recipes for such situations, but only decisions made to the best of our knowledge and belief. The health of all people is our top priority! We want to take precautions rather than being left behind at some point in the future.

I therefore call on all Rostock residents to follow this path together with us. My appeal goes out to the companies in our city, to the organizers, to sports and leisure clubs to make their contributions. If we let public life rest for a while, we will delay the spread of the virus and have a good chance of saving many people from illness and suffering!

My thanks go to all those people who will be under very special strain in the coming days and weeks! These are all the doctors and nurses, all the medical and nursing staff, the emergency services, the police and firemen, but also all the people who will have to shoulder extraordinary burdens in the transport and supply companies, in the pharmacies and in the food trade. The challenges are huge, but I am sure that we will overcome them together!

After numerous discussions and extensive audits, the management unit decided on a far-reaching catalogue of measures.

- All general education schools, vocational schools, day-care centres, day-care facilities and after-school care centres in the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock will be closed from Monday, 16 March 2020 until 15 April 2020 (after the Easter holidays).

For the care of children and adolescents, a "network of possibilities" within the circle of family and friends should be relied upon, whereby grandparents should be excluded as far as possible due to the increased risk.

Supplementary educational offers for children whose parents are employees of professional and volunteer fire brigades, rescue services, hospitals, the police, nursing services, in-patient care facilities and medical institutions (doctors' surgeries, dialysis centres etc.) will be provided in schools.

Children cared for in day-care centres and after-school care centres by employees of professional and voluntary fire brigades, rescue services, hospitals, the police, nursing services, in-patient care facilities and medical institutions (doctors' surgeries, dialysis centres, etc.) receive an extraordinary range of care for their children. Appropriate arrangements are made with institutions to ensure this.

A general ruling will be issued for this purpose, which can be read on the Internet at https://www.rostock.de/pandemie

- In principle, visits to old people's and nursing homes, the Südstadt Clinic and the University Medical Center Rostock are initially prohibited until April 14, 2020. Deviations are regulated by the respective facility management. 

- From now on, sports and other clubs should completely refrain from training, meetings and events until further notice.

- Indoor swimming pool operators, all sports and cultural facilities (cinemas, fitness studios, clubs, etc.) are strongly recommended to close.

- The city administration will temporarily reduce or completely discontinue numerous offers and services. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, 14. March 2020, no public transport will be offered in the following offices: Audit Office, Office of Central Control, Chamber of Commerce Office, Financial Administration Office, Fire Protection and Rescue Office, Office for School and Sports, City Library Rostock, Adult Education Centre Rostock, Conservatory, Office for Culture, Preservation of Historical Monuments and Museums, City Archive Rostock, Construction Office, Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning and Economy, Cadastral, Surveying and Real Estate Office, Office for Traffic Facilities, Office for City Greenery, Nature Conservation and Landscape Management, Office for Environmental Protection, Port and Seamen's Office, Rostock City Forestry Office, Rostock & Warnemünde Tourist Office as well as Owner-Owned Municipal Property Management and Development.

From Monday, 16 March 2020, local authority services will only be offered in the local authority Stadtmitte. The opening hours of the local offices Northwest I in Groß Klein, Northwest II in Lütten Klein, West in Reutershagen and East in Toitenwinkel will be cancelled.

- The indoor swimming pool "Neptun" and the Municipal Museums will close from 14 March 2020, and the Tourist Information Centres will also cease to be open to the public from 14 March 2020.

- Special precautions will be taken for rescue service staff.

- Many city administration staff will work from home on Mondays if possible. Business trips and training courses are currently no longer necessary, nor are consultations and meetings within the administration.

- Assistance for people in domestic quarantine, such as shopping and other errands, is coordinated by the city administration and is initially received by the citizen's telephone on +49 381 381-1111.

- Smears in the nationwide smear centres (tests for an existing infection) are only possible with a doctor's prescription. For this purpose, the family doctor should first be contacted by telephone.

- It is recommended that the municipal companies in Rostock, but also all other companies and institutions, adopt these regulations, especially those concerning travel returnees, and adapt their business operations as far as possible.